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infermieristica journal is free of advertising or banners organized through specific algorithms by advertising companies, which use your searches on web to propose ads and spam. On infermieristica journal the advertising we offer is studied and targeted, but most importantly it is not subject to limitations inherent to programs and extensions of various browsers (for example AdBlock, AdRemover and others), which obstruct the view and distribution.

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If you are interested to advertise a specific product you can send us an email to ¬†or you can contact us in the specific form “Write us” selecting “Advertising” as object. A member of our editorial team will contact you as soon as possible to offer assistance in explaining the various ways and packages of advertising on our website and in the print version of the journal. Also, in addition to print advertising and inserts, we can offer a range of creative solutions to meet your marketing requirements.

Are you interested of the area of healthcare education?

infermieristica journal has an educational platform in healthcare and scientific fields. Our idea of education is independent, original and open to the interests of all healthcare professionals and international healthcare companies, who can actively contribute to the construction of the courses. For information regarding advertising sponsorship on our educational platform or for educational projects, please write us an email at

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