The future of the Italian nursing research: build your network

In recent years, nursing profession in Italy experienced important growth on several fronts. Thanks to new policies undertaken by some universities and the academic community work, nursing research gained important attractiveness. This fact made nurses real players in the international research panorama, enabling them to achieve important objectives and significantly improve clinical practice. There are many research activities with patient well-being at the center, developing the best nursing care.

Infermieristica journal group decided to dedicate this May 12 to all Italian doctoral students engaged in nursing research, in order to help promoting these activities and build a network. Thanks to all adhesions, we will create a special insert that will aim to enable all researchers to share their research and build and strengthen their international network. The special insert will be published in digital and print format and will be distributed with one of the print issues of infermieristica journal.

To take part to the initiative, please fill out the form below and submit your information. The form can be reached at the following link and takes 1 minute to complete.

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