The wonderful adventures of Ms. Seacoale in many lands

Mary Seacole

25,00  IVA inclusa



Infermieristica Journal (ij) is a peer-reviewed international scientific journal, promoting the development and exchange of knowledge relevant to nursing research and practice. ij supports evidence-based clinical practice (EBP), encourages and promotes critical debate on nursing art and science.

The journal particularly welcomes studies that aim to evaluate and understand complex health interventions and health policies, employing rigorous study designs and methods appropriate to the research question. Furthermore, the journal also undertakes to make a contribution to the development of research, also through methodological articles, on analytical techniques and measurements. The journal publishes original, English-language, peer-reviewed articles of interest to the international health community.

The journal will feature clinical trials, editorial, qualitative and quantitative research, expert commentary, and cultural articles. The magazines will be available for purchase separately, or as a bundle. The first volume also includes 12 stickers, which represent the evolution of the nursing uniform from Florence Nightingale to today and an A3 size poster (420 x 297 mm), depicting the cover of the first volume.

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