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To learn how to choose the appropriate vascular access and develop new skills on its management, you can purchase this poster (16.5 in x 23.4 in) to hang on the ward or in your outpatient office. The poster is updated with the latest Evidence Based Nursing (EBN) from professionals specializing in the increasingly broad and complex topic of vascular devices. The poster will be available in Italian only. The frame is not included in the price.

In addition to getting this useful poster, what am I funding with my purchase?

With your purchase you are helping to support all the collective projects of infermieristica Editore which are declined in the different areas of the nursing profession such as, for example, scientific research and professional development through education. In addition, a part of your contribution will go to support some logistical and organizational costs.

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Andrea Giannini


infermieristica Editore




42,0 cm x 59,4 cm (16.5 in x 23.4 in)


Accessi Vascolari

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